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Production Planning — Copy

Planning for Manufacturing Operations

Automatically Generate Constraint-Based Plans for Work Orders and Raw Materials Purchases

Many companies struggle to create production and materials plans that take into account a full range of constraints. New Horizon Production Planning automatically generates realistic production plans that can be quickly and easily updated as supply and demand conditions evolve.

Production Planning

Generate Constraint-Based Manufacturing Plans

Respect Real-World Constraints

Take into account materials and capacity constraints, calendar constraints, shelf-life requirements, and minimum batch sizes. Forecast expected waste of perishable products.

Translate Production Plans Into Raw Materials Procurement Plans

Generate purchasing plans based on product bills of materials. Integrate seamlessly with New Horizon’s Buyers Workbench application for advanced purchasing capabilities.

Rapidly Re-Plan For An Agile Supply Chain

Update production plans in a couple of minutes to respond to supply chain disruptions and new demand opportunities. Increase supply chain responsiveness and resiliency.

Manage By Exception

Configure criteria for exception conditions such as low or high inventory. Quickly and easily identify what to focus on so you can scale the planning process across a large number of items.

Continuously Improve Production Process Using Post-Mortem Analysis

Leverage daily archive of planning data to diagnose root causes of delays, shortfalls, and overages. Understand why problems occurred and take corrective action to minimize repeat problems.

Advanced Features to Squeeze Out Costs

“The New Horizon software properly models our production constraints and enables us to maximize throughput so we can meet customer needs at the lowest possible cost.”

VP Manufacturing

Food and Beverage Manufacturer

Drive Production Efficiency and Agility

Effective production planning is key to reducing costs and responding to demand and supply variability. New Horizon’s comprehensive capabilities ensure that you can meet demand efficiently and effectively. Benefits include:

Improved forecast accuracy by up to 44% vs. other solutions

Increased service levels, on-shelf availability, and revenue

Reduced inventory and supply chain costs

Improved planner productivity and faster planning cycle times

Built on the New Horizon Platform

Production Planning is built on the New Horizon Platform, which provides a more intelligent yet simpler planning solution by taking full advantage of the latest cloud and data science technologies. The result is an intuitive user experience, faster time to value, and better plans. Planning Made Easy™.

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