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Replenishment Planning — Copy

For Store-Level Retail Operations

Granular Planning for Better Results

New Horizon Replenishment Planning is targeted at retailers that plan their supply chains at the individual store level. By providing planning at a granular level, our customers can improve operational excellence in order to maximize on-shelf availability at the lowest cost possible.

Replenishment Planning

Plan Precisely at a Granular Level

Reduce Costs Through Optimal Truck Loading

Lower transportation and ordering costs by optimizing truck and container loading based on weight, cube, and pallet constraints. Build optimized full truck loads for multiple store deliveries.

Plan Replenishment at the Store Level to Ensure On-Shelf Availability

Keep stores stocked while minimizing inventory levels. Choose from among multiple reordering policies (reorder point, economic order quantity, and min-max) and safety stock policies (service level, days of coverage, fixed number).

Optimally Allocate Shipments to Stores

Allocate scarce supply using a choice of rules such as store priority, ship/delivery date, days of supply, and season plan. Clear out end-of-season inventory by pushing to stores.

Increase Efficiencies with Distribution Requirements Planning

Minimize inventory by balancing supplies across DCs before resorting to new purchases. Increase operational efficiency by leveling capacity needs based on ordering and receiving calendars.

Continuously Improve Operations using Post-Mortem Analysis

Analyze the root cause of out-of-stocks and excess inventory. Take corrective action to minimize repeat problems.

Advanced Features to Optimize Plans Down to the Store Level

“With New Horizon we can hit our retail service level targets while minimizing inventory and lowering costs across our network.”

Director of Replenishment

Food Retailer

Achieve excellence in retail distribution

Retail excellence starts at the store loading dock. New Horizon’s replenishment planning functionality keeps store shelves optimally stocked while saving costs upstream. Benefits include:

Improved forecast accuracy by up to 44% vs. other solutions

Increased service levels, on-shelf availability, and revenue

Reduced inventory and supply chain costs

Improved planner productivity and faster planning cycle times

Built on the New Horizon Platform

Replenishment Planning is built on the New Horizon Platform, which provides a more intelligent yet simpler planning solution by taking full advantage of the latest cloud and data science technologies. The result is an intuitive user experience, faster time to value, and better plans. Planning Made Easy™.

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