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Stuck in Spreadsheet Limbo? Gain Cross-Functional Alignment Using New Horizon S&OP Planning Software

Stop the madness of manual forecasting and siloed data. Discover how New Horizon’s S&OP Software streamlines demand & supply, unites your teams, and unlocks a clear path to business growth.

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Ready to Take Control of Your S&OP?

The Supply Chain Planning Software of Choice for Industry Innovators

Innovative Companies of All Sizes Trust New Horizon to Help Them Build More Agile and Resilient Supply Chains

A Single System Unifying Demand, Supply, Inventory, and Financial Planning

Built on our integrated planning platform, New Horizon Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) enables a robust S&OP process to meet your company goals. Because all your up-to-date demand, supply, inventory, and financial plans are in the same system, you can quickly and easily arrive at a consensus operating plan

Operational Planning

Why Choose Our Sales and Operations Planning Software?

Start with a Better Demand Plan by Using the Latest Forecasting Technology

New Horizon combines Facebook Prophet technology with our own artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to achieve the most accurate forecasts possible. AI technology is used to compensate for the skewing of demand history caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and other natural, economic, and geopolitical disruptions.

Maximize Adoption and Productivity with an Intuitive User Experience

New Horizon’s user experience (UX) is based on lessons learned from over 100 planning implementations. Our modern UX is intuitive and includes features such as alerts for supply and demand abnormalities, best practices analysis templates, and easy identification of exceptions.

Simulate and Compare What-If Scenarios to Select the Best One

Simulate various scenarios based on different assumptions. Evaluate opportunities, risks, and supply alternatives.

Use Built-In KPIs to Set Goals and Track Business Performance

New Horizon S&OP comes out of the box with best practices KPIs so you can easily monitor performance. Keep your business on track.

Accurately Plan Future Supply Needs Using Rough Cut Capacity Planning

Project long-term capacity requirements at a product family and monthly or quarterly level. Plan for future resource and labor needs.

Use Post-Mortem Analysis to Identify Causes of Missed Plans

When plans are not met, New Horizon allows you to conduct post-mortem analyses. Determine the root cause of plan misses and take corrective action to minimize repeat problems.

Sales and Operations Planning

Advanced Features for Sales and Operations Planning

New Horizon Difference

Achieve Goals with Collaborative S&OP Plans

An effective S&OP process is critical to adapting to changing business conditions and ensuring that you meet your company goals. New Horizon serves as the foundation for your S&OP process and unites sales, marketing, finance, and operations. With an effective process, your company will receive benefits such as:

Increased forecast accuracy by up to 44% vs. other solutions

Quicker analysis, better decision-making, and improved responsiveness

Increased revenue, reduced inventory, and improved margins

Attainment of company goals in key areas such as revenues and margins

“New Horizon is critical to the smooth running of our S&OP process. The S&OP solution provides us with an integrated platform to monitor our business, close performance gaps, and align the whole company around a unified enterprise plan.”

Finance Director

Consumer Products Manufacturer

Is your business struggling with inefficiencies that are impacting your revenue and growth?

New Horizon S&OP Planning Software is designed to eliminate these pain points and transform the way you do business. Imagine a streamlined process, optimized sales strategy, and increased profitability—all within your reach.