Supply Chain Operations Optimized

Machine learning and AI technology to reduce inventory and improve customer service.

Machine Learning to
Improve Forecast Accuracy
Industry expertise and
a wealth of experience
Multi-Echelon Inventory

Improve forecast accuracy during and post COVID-19 using our latest machine learning and AI technology.

Save money, and manage inventory easily with our simple to use interface. No matter what you’re used to for supply chain management, New Horizon Soft makes it simple to do your job—and do it well. Your business depends on it! Our multi-faceted supply chain tool takes your current supply chain operations and streamlines them with the latest technology.

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Multi-Echelon Inventory Optimization

Developed through machine learning, our innovative solutions ensure inventory position is minimized and service level is enhanced

New Horizon has developed a revolutionary Inventory Optimizer. Utilizing advanced machine-learning algorithms, inventory policy at each DC for every item is optimized. Required service levels are met and even exceeded while keeping inventory at the right position

Even more important to our valuable customers and the businesses they operate, the optimization is completely multi-echelon

MEIO provides the following business benefits:

1. Reduce inventory position while improving customer service level through system optimized inventory policy (e.g. days of coverage, service level, hard number). The recommended policy has been verified using specified duration of historical time, so that you feel confident to switch it on

2. Dollarize the value add and project improvement of the service level and inventory position

3. Determine the minimum amount of inventory needed in order to keep the service level at a specified percentage

4. Generate a watch list so that users can focus on improving forecasting for specific items as needed.

Buyer’s Workbench (Supply Plan)

New Horizon Buyer’s Workbench is a cloud solution which generates optimized supply plan.

The solution not only produces traditional Just In Time (JIT) supply plan, but also optimizes the supply plan which meets vendor requirements, maximizes margin, reduces overall inventory yet still achieving high customer service level. Most notably, The tool optimizes full truck or full container load based on the truck/container size (weight, cube, pallet, case, etc.). Investment buy based on vendor temporary price reduction or volume discount is also part of the functionalities

Buyers Workbench provides the following business benefits:

  1. Maximize investment buy ROI by balancing against inventory carrying cost
  2. Increase warehouse operation efficiency by leveling its capacity needs using ordering or receiving calendar
  3. Reduce transportation and ordering cost by optimizing full truck load
  4. Improve work efficiency by recommending optimized planned orders so planner can just review and approve
  5. Classify inventories into different categories including cycle stock, safety stock, investment buy, and directed buy

Sales and Operation Planning

Our sophisticated technology, coupled with proven experience in the field ensure we’re delivering optimal results for your sales and operations planning process (or IBP). We combine everything into one platform, so planning is real time, streamlined and simplified

New Horizon Sales and Operation Planning provides the following benefits:

  1. Improve decision efficiency and effectiveness to combine demand Plan, Supply Plan, Inventory Plan, and Financial Plan into one single platform
  2. Allow to perform various scenario analysis for S&OP cycle. Produces best, most-likely and worse scenarios
  3. Track KPIs and archive historical S&OP Plans and assumptions


Surveys, interviews, and observation enable us to conduct a comprehensive current process audit


We identify technology, training, and processes to take your supply chain team to the next level


Once we have executive buy-in, we oversee the implementation from start to finish


We monitor key performance indicators at weekly intervals, adjusting strategies as needed

About New Horizon

New Horizon is a global enterprise software company headquartered in Acton, MA. Supply chain optimization is our air for breathing, they are what we do day in and day out, and our team is here to take your business’s operations to the next level.

As pioneers in the field of supply chain optimization, New Horizon is here to better enhance and streamline your company’s supply chain operations. We offer agile solutions and heavily tested technologies to make your job easier and better serve your customers. Our software and services are designed to help you reduce costs and thus increase revenue and margin. Simple, effective, and easy to use tools help your entire team to get the job done with less hassle and more efficiency.

These tools help businesses to reduce costs, enhance productivity, and improve customer service levels. More revenue – happier customers – happier employees

Our tools to help your business include:

  • Demand Forecasting
  • Sales & Operation Planning (S&OP)
  • Supply Planning (using Buyer’s Workbench)
  • Multi-echelon Inventory Optimization
  • Inventory Planning