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A New Approach to Supply Chain Planning Software

New Horizon Soft is a global enterprise software company focusing on supply chain planning including demand planning, supply plan, S&OP and inventory optimization

Our Name: New Horizon

Our company name was inspired by the NASA space probe New Horizons, which was launched in 2006, with the goal of visiting the most distant objects in the solar system. In 2015, the year of our company’s founding, NASA’s New Horizons became the first spacecraft to do a flyby of Pluto, sending back spectacular photos of that distant and icy world. After Pluto, New Horizons continued into the Kuiper Belt, the ring of planetoids and smaller objects at the edge of the solar system. In 2019 New Horizons did a flyby of Arrokoth, a Kuiper Belt Object, which remains to this day the most distant object ever visited by a spacecraft.

While our company’s goals are more “down to earth,” we draw inspiration from New Horizons as we apply new approaches to supply chain planning and push the envelope of what is possible.

A Team Dedicated to Making Supply Chain Planning Easier

Now more than ever, effective supply chain planning is critical to the efficient and sustainable movement of goods that power the world’s economy. We’ve seen many companies struggle with complex planning software and are committed to making software that is easier to implement, easier to manage, and easier to use.

Our global company is headquartered in Boston, with additional offices in Minneapolis, Toronto, and Hangzhou, China. We have customers in North America, Europe, and Asia.

An AI-Powered End-to-End Supply Chain Planning Software Suite

While we emphasize simplicity of user experience and implementation, our software uses the most advanced AI and machine learning technology, including Facebook Prophet. Our technology automates planning so you can make better decisions without the need for a team of data scientists. Our eight modules cover demand, supply, production, procurement, replenishment, inventory optimization, S&OP, and strategic planning. Our approach provides more accurate plans, a more intuitive user experience, and quicker, less expensive implementations. The result is superior service levels, reduced inventory, faster time to value, and lower TCO.

Experience with Over 100 Supply Chain Planning Implementations

New Horizon was founded in 2015 by Chao-Ming Ying (President and CTO) and Jeffrey Yu (VP of Delivery). The two worked together at Hitachi Consulting, where Chao-Ming headed the global Oracle Supply Chain Planning consulting practice. Previously, Chao-Ming earned a doctorate at Washington University in St. Louis and worked at i2 (acquired by JDA) and Demantra (acquired by Oracle). Before Hitachi, Jeffrey received a bachelor’s degree from Dalian University of Technology and worked at IBM. Together they have experience implementing supply chain solutions at over 100 companies all over the world.

They both saw firsthand how many companies struggle with complex and lengthy implementations. Planners wrestle with cumbersome user interfaces. IT departments face high implementation and support costs. Together Chao-Ming and Jeffrey developed a vision for creating a new generation of supply chain software that would make planning easier. Recent advances in AI, machine learning, and cloud computing provided a means for achieving this vision.

New Horizon - The AI Planning Suite

  • Architected from the ground up to take advantage of the most advanced AI capabilities, but without the need for a team of data scientists
  • Modern intuitive user experience to maximize planner productivity and adoption
  • Fast time to value, low TCO, and low risk – implement in as little as one month

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