Our sophisticated technology, coupled with proven experience in the field ensure we’re delivering optimal results for your sales and operations planning. We combine everything into one platform, so planning is streamlined and simplified.

Why New Horizon Sales and Operation Planning?

  • Demand Plan, Supply Plan, Inventory Plan, and Financial Plan are all combined into one easy to use platform
  • S&OP cycle is supported and scenario analysis is available so you can see impact prior to various scenarios occurring
  • Different users are able to input their corresponding forecasts
  • Track KPIs and archive history S&OP Plans

Many companies establishing an S&OP process have trouble finding the right tool to support it. What-If scenario analysis is essential to demand forecasting, capacity planning, and supply planning. Management must have an accurate demand forecast stretching into the next few years, as well as be able to simulate the corresponding supply plan based on different business situations. A sophisticated and real-time what-if simulation of the S&OP tool is an absolute necessity for businesses who want accurate planning to drive results.

New Horizon Advanced S&OP Software uses the most sophisticated technology to support the S&OP process that you can find on the market. The financial plan, sales forecast, demand plan, inventory plan and supply plan are all incorporated into one unified system. This allows users to quickly conduct what-if analysis and rough-cut capacity planning, leading to more accurate results.