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Supply Chain Planning Software for Foodservice

For Foodservice Distributors and Chain Restaurants

Achieve Operational Excellence in Foodservice

Operational excellence is paramount for both foodservice operators and distributors. Foodservice companies must carefully balance the need to keep kitchens in stock with the freshest possible ingredients while minimizing inventory levels, spoilage, and supply chain costs.

New Horizon Foodservice

Leading Foodservice Companies Plan Their Supply Chains with New Horizon

Supply Chain Planning Capabilities Tailored to Foodservice

New Horizon provides industry-specific functionality to meet the needs of both foodservice operators and distributors.

Reduce Costs Through Optimal Truck Loading

Lower transportation and ordering costs by optimizing truck loading across pickups from multiple vendors. Take into account weight, cube, pallet, and case constraints.

Rebalance Inventory Before Making Additional Purchases

Minimize working capital and inventory carrying costs by balancing supplies across DCs before resorting to additional purchases. Evaluate various inventory transfer scenarios.

Level-Load Warehouse Receiving

Plan purchase delivery dates evenly over the week, taking into account vendor shipping calendars and DC receiving calendars. Maximize DC capacity utilization and avoid receiving bottlenecks.

Postpone or Expedite Open Purchase Orders

Monitor changing demand conditions and adjust purchase orders accordingly. Improve procurement agility.

Plan Seamless Item Transitions

Plan item transitions for seasonal and holiday items. Automate the process of closely monitoring demand and supply and adjusting purchasing needs accordingly.

Plan Minimum Order Quantities at the Item-Group Level

Plan orders for a group of related items rather than having to buy a minimum quantity of each item. Reduce inventory costs.

In the first 10 minutes of their demo, it became immediately clear that New Horizon knew the foodservice industry, understood the requirements for distributors, and could deliver what we wanted in a software solution.

Supply Chain Planning Manager

Foodservice Distributor

New Horizon Difference

Reduce Inventory and Increase Efficiencies by Transforming Foodservice Planning

Supply chain excellence is a key source of competitive advantage for foodservice distributors and operators, who must maintain near-perfect product availability while squeezing every penny out of supply chain costs. New Horizon’s suite of AI-powered planning applications helps foodservice companies achieve planning excellence with more accurate forecasts and optimal procurement plans. Distributors and operators can expect to see benefits such as:

Reduce time spent to accurately place purchase orders by over 50%

Increased forecast accuracy of up to 44%

Increased service levels of 5-15%

Up to 33% reduction in safety stock

Up to 40% reduction in stock-outs

Built on the New Horizon Platform

Expertise in Foodservice

New Horizon’s combination of industry-specific functionality and our experience with foodservice customers mean that you will get a solution tailored to your needs. We’d love to show you how.

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