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Supply Chain Planning Software for Wholesale Distributors

Squeeze Out Extra Efficiencies to Maximize Margins

A Focus on Wholesale Distribution

Wholesale distributors operate on razor-thin margins, and taking advantage of every possible efficiency can make or break the bottom line. Unfortunately, the wholesale distribution industry is an afterthought for most supply chain planning software vendors. But at New Horizon, we got our start working with leading wholesale distributors.


Leading Wholesale Distributors Plan with New Horizon to Keep Products Moving

Wholesale Distribution Industry-Specific Capabilities

New Horizon has a long heritage in the wholesale distribution industry and has developed deep functionality to meet industry-specific needs.

Automated Demand Segmentation

Segment demand based on volume, sales, margin, seasonality, and volatility, so users can focus on critical items for forecasting and exception management

Truck Loading Optimization

Build full truck loads or container loads automatically to reduce transportation and ordering costs

Forward Buy Optimization

Maximize investment buy ROI by balancing price savings against inventory carrying costs

Distribution Requirements Planning (DRP)

Automatically balance inventory across DCs before purchasing new supplies in order to minimize carrying costs