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Supply Chain Planning Software for Retailers

Prepare for the Future of Retail

The Need for a New Retail Supply Chain

COVID-19 has served as a wake-up call for the need to develop a more agile retail supply chain to better prepare for future disruptions, whether from COVID or other factors. The pandemic has also accelerated the growth of e-commerce, placing further demands on supply chains. Leading retailers are investing in new supply chain capabilities to tackle these challenges in addition to ongoing challenges such as margin pressure and growing channel complexity.

Retail Sector

Retail Industry-Specific Capabilities

New Horizon has developed deep functionality to meet the specific needs of the retail industry, such as:

Store-Level Replenishment

Plan at the individual store level to achieve greater on-shelf availability and lower inventories.

Store Allocation

Allocate scarce supply using a choice of rules, and clear out end-of-season inventory by pushing to stores.

Advanced Forecasting Technology

Use AI, machine learning, and Facebook Prophet technology to forecast in the face of changing consumer tastes, with special treatment for promotions and disruptions such as COVID-19.

Automated Demand Segmentation

Segment demand based on volume, sales, margin, seasonality, and volatility, so users can focus on critical items for forecasting and exception management

Forward Buy Optimization

Maximize investment buy ROI by balancing price savings against inventory carrying costs

Truck Loading Optimization

Build full truck loads or container loads automatically to reduce transportation and ordering costs