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Supply Chain Planning Software for Retailers

Prepare for the Future of Retail

The Need for a New Retail Supply Chain

The challenges of omnichannel commerce, relentless competition, and increasing consumer expectations makes managing the retail supply chain more difficult than ever. Innovative retailers are using new technologies to build more efficient and flexible supply chains for the future of retail.

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Innovative Retailers Plan Their Supply Chains with New Horizon

Supply Chain Planning Capabilities Tailored to Retailers

New Horizon provides advanced functionality for today’s retail challenges

Optimally Allocate Merchandise to Stores

Strategically push in-season and end-of-season inventory across all locations using a choice of rules. Ensure products are available where shoppers need them most.

Precisely Plan Replenishment at the Store Level

Monitor sales and inventory levels continuously and automate store-level restocking decisions. Plan at the individual store level to achieve greater on-shelf availability and minimize inventories.

Increase Forecast Accuracy with New Horizon’s AI Technology

Take advantage of multiple forecasting methodologies, including Facebook Prophet technology with New Horizon’s industry-specific enhancements. Use artificial intelligence and machine learning to select the best forecasting approach.

Focus on What’s Important Using AI-Based Demand Segmentation

Use automated clustering to classify products based on volume, margins, seasonality, volatility, and other attributes. Focus on those products that are most important and need the most attention.

Optimize Forward Buy Decisions to Take Advantage of Supplier Discounts

Take full advantage of vendor temporary price reductions and volume discounts by trading off the purchase price with inventory carrying costs. Investment buys can become a major source of increased profits.

Reduce Costs Through Optimal Truck Loading

Lower transportation and ordering costs by optimizing truck loading across pickups from multiple vendors. Take into account weight, cube, pallet, and case constraints.

New Horizon has solved our planning challenges. The solution automatically recommends purchase orders, saving us huge amounts of time.

Director of Supply Chain

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Supply Planning - New Horizon

Build a More Efficient and Flexible Retail Supply Chain

In today’s competitive and rapidly evolving retail landscape, the winners will be those with the most efficient and flexible supply chains. New Horizon’s suite of AI-powered planning applications with retail-specific functionality enables companies to quickly sense and respond to changing market dynamics. Retailers can expect to see benefits such as:

Up to 44% increase in forecast accuracy

5-15% increase in service levels

Up to 40% reduction in stock-outs

Up to 33% reduction in safety stock

Over 50% reduction in time spent to accurately place purchase orders

New Horizon

Expertise in Retail

New Horizon’s combination of industry-specific functionality and our experience working with retailers mean that you will get a solution tailored to your needs. We’d love to show you how.

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