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Supply Chain Planning Software for Consumer Products Manufacturers

Gain Control in the Face of Demand and Supply Volatility

The New Normal of Uncertainty

Shifting consumer preferences, shorter product lifecycles, and channel proliferation are making supply chain planning more challenging than ever for consumer products manufacturers. Leading companies must improve their understanding of demand and build more agile and resilient supply chains to rise to the challenge.

Leading Consumer Products Companies Plan Their Supply Chains with New Horizon

Supply Chain Planning Capabilities Tailored to Consumer Products Companies

New Horizon provides sophisticated functionality for food & beverage, CPG, and other consumer products segments

Increase Forecast Accuracy with New Horizon’s AI Technology

Take advantage of multiple forecasting methodologies, including Facebook Prophet technology with New Horizon’s industry-specific enhancements. Demand Planning uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to select the best forecasting approach.

Focus on What’s Important Using AI-Based Demand Segmentation

Use automated clustering to classify products based on volume, margins, seasonality, volatility, and other attributes. Focus on those products that are most important and need the most attention.

Promotion and New Product Forecasting

Take advantage of New Horizon’s advanced forecasting for promotions, new product introductions, holidays, and other events. Maximize forecast accuracy.

Generate Supply Plans that Meet a Full Range of Constraints

Automatically create plans based on configurable supply and safety stock policies. Take into account materials and capacity constraints, calendar constraints, shelf-life requirements, and minimum batch sizes.

Plan Future Supply Needs Using Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

Project long-term capacity requirements for strategic planning and sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes. Plan for future resource and labor needs.

Reduce Costs Through Optimal Batch Runs

Reduce labor costs, accelerate changeover times, and increase asset utilization. Increase batch sizes by combining similar products in the same run.

New Horizon produces better forecast accuracy with its advanced technology. We are also pleased that the system is very easy to operate, and we were able to implement the system very quickly with one month for DP and another month for S&OP.

Bill Kaley

Director of Demand Planning and Replenishment
Faribault Foods

New Horizon Demand Planning

Become More Responsive to Shifting Consumer Demand

Consumer products manufacturers must maximize visibility into consumer demand and at the same time have the agility to quickly respond to changing market conditions. New Horizon’s suite of AI-powered planning applications with industry-specific functionality enables consumer products companies to increase forecast accuracy and improve supply chain responsiveness. Companies can expect to see benefits such as:

Up to 44% increase in forecast accuracy

5-15% increase in service levels

Up to 40% reduction in stock-outs

Up to 33% reduction in safety stock

Expertise in Consumer Products

New Horizon’s combination of industry-specific functionality and our experience working with consumer products companies mean that you will get a solution tailored to your needs. We’d love to show you how.

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