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An Enterprise Platform for Supply Chain Planning

A New Platform. A New Approach to Supply Chain Planning​.

Built from the Ground Up to Use the Latest Technologies

Most supply chain planning (SCP) software vendors claim to have modern solutions but in fact are marketing old technology with modern-looking window dressing. New Horizon is different. After managing over a hundred SCP implementations, New Horizon’s founders set out to build a more intelligent yet simpler solution to take full advantage of the latest cloud and data science technologies. The result is the New Horizon Planning Suite, powered by the New Horizon Platform.

New Horizon Planning Suite
New Horizon Platform

Key Features of Our Supply Chain Platform

Unified Data Repository

Plan your end-to-end supply chain seamlessly with a single data model on a common platform. Speed up planning and avoid data latency and integration headaches that plague suites cobbled together from acquired companies.

Robust Integration Services

Easily collect transaction data, run plans, and push them back to ERP systems for execution. Pre-built connectors are available for SAP, Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle ERP Cloud, and NetSuite.

Enterprise-Grade Security Services

Safeguard your data with comprehensive security measures. New Horizon is certified “Grade A” by Qualys SSL Labs. File transfer data security is provided by Amazon S3.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Generate superior forecasts and optimized safety stock levels using the latest artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology. The system uses AI to select the best forecasting model among multiple options, including Facebook Prophet technology.

Highly Configurable Workflow Engine

Configure New Horizon applications to create efficient workflows and real-time alerts. Automate processes to maximize planner productivity.

Comprehensive Administration Services

Reduce the level of IT support needed by taking advantage of New Horizon’s self-service administration front-end. Minimize total cost of ownership (TCO).

Modern UX Services

Experience a rich yet intuitive user experience (UX), benefitting from years of implementation experience and user feedback. Increase user adoption and planner productivity.

Cloud Service Providers

An Enterprise-Class Supply Chain Platform With a Choice of Cloud Providers

Software as a service

New Horizon products are provided on a software as a service (SaaS) subscription basis and managed by New Horizon on public cloud infrastructure.

To accommodate different customer IT policies, we offer customers a choice of using

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)
  • Alibaba Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud

All provide high performance and massive scalability by taking advantage of elastic computing. Customers also have the option of hosting the software on their own infrastructure.