Buyers Workbench

A Powerful Procurement Planning Solution for Wholesale Distributors

Built Specifically for Buyers

There are many supply planning solutions, but few address the pressing needs of purchasing teams at wholesale distributors. Based on our years of experience working with innovative wholesalers across a range of product categories, Buyers Workbench offers a comprehensive procurement planning solution tailored to the unique needs of buyers.

Buyer's Workbench

Key Capabilities

Generate Purchasing Plans that Meet a Full Range of Vendor Constraints

Create order plans that meet vendor requirements at the order, line item, and item group levels. Choose from among different approaches including reorder point, economic order quantity, and min-max.

Reduce Costs Through Optimal Truck Loading

Lower transportation and ordering costs by optimizing truck and container loading based on weight, cube, and pallet constraints. Build optimized full truck loads when picking up from multiple vendors.

Optimize Forward Buy Decisions to Take Advantage of Supplier Discounts

Take full advantage of vendor temporary price reductions and volume discounts by trading off the purchase price with inventory carrying costs. Investment buys can become a major source of increased profits.

Increase Efficiencies with Distribution Requirements Planning

Minimize inventory by balancing supplies across DCs before resorting to new purchases. Increase warehouse operational efficiency by leveling capacity needs based on ordering and receiving calendars.

Continuously Improve Operations using Post-Mortem Analysis

Analyze the root cause of out-of-stocks and excess inventory. Take corrective action to minimize repeat problems.

Compelling Benefits​

Increase service levels and revenues while reducing inventories and carrying costs

Improve margins
from forward buying
and truck loading optimization

Improve buyer productivity by automating the order planning and analysis process

Increase resilience
and agility by creating
a more responsive
supply chain

Built on the New Horizon Platform​

Buyers Workbench is built on the New Horizon Platform, which provides a more intelligent yet simpler planning solution by taking full advantage of the latest cloud and data science technologies. The result is an intuitive user experience, faster time to value, and better plans. Planning Made Easy™.