Demand Planning

A New Approach to Forecasting for Today’s Uncertain World

The Latest AI and Machine Learning Technology. Intuitive User Experience. Quick Implementation.​​

Today’s environment of uncertainty demands a new approach to demand planning. New Horizon Demand Planning offers the latest AI and Machine Learning technologies, a modern intuitive user experience, and a quick implementation approach to produce dramatic improvements in forecast accuracy.

Planning Software

Key Capabilities

Increase Forecast Accuracy with Facebook Prophet and New Horizon’s Advanced Data Science

Take advantage of multiple forecasting methodologies, including Facebook Prophet Technology with New Horizon’s industry-specific enhancements. Demand Planning uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning to select the best forecasting approach.

Use Special Treatment for the COVID-19 Pandemic and Other Disruptions

Traditional time series forecasting is of limited use in the face of COVID-19 and other natural, economic, and geopolitical disruptions. Use AI technology to compensate for the skewing of demand history caused by such events.

Focus on What’s Important Using Automated Demand Segmentation

Use automated clustering to classify products based on volume, margins, seasonality, volatility and other attributes. Focus on the most critical items for forecasting and exception management.

Speed Implementation and Improve Effectiveness with Day-in-the-Life Templates

Demand planning is a business process that varies by industry. With New Horizon’s process templates, you can accelerate your implementation and improve planner effectiveness through the use of industry best practices.

Maximize Adoption and Productivity with an Intuitive User Experience

New Horizon’s User Experience (UX) is based on lessons learned from over 100 demand planning implementations. Our modern UX is easy to use and features highly configurable layouts and workflows.

Compelling Benefits​

Improved forecast accuracy by up to 44% vs. other solutions

Increased service levels, on-shelf availability, and revenue

inventory and supply
chain costs

Improved planner productivity and faster planning cycle times

Built on the New Horizon Platform​

Demand Planning is built on the New Horizon Platform, which provides a more intelligent yet simpler planning solution by taking full advantage of the latest cloud and data science technologies. The result is an intuitive user experience, faster time to value, and better plans. Planning Made Easy™.