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Rein-In Out of Control Inventory with New Horizon’s Intelligent Supply Planning

Simplify Your Supply Chain with New Horizon’s World-Class Supply Planning Software Solutions. Optimize Your Operations and Increase Efficiency.

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Ready to Take Control of Your Supply Chain?

The Supply Chain Planning Software of Choice for Industry Innovators

Innovative Companies of All Sizes Trust New Horizon to Help Them Build More Agile and Resilient Supply Chains

Plan with Agility from End to End

New Horizon Supply Planning is an end-to-end solution that enables companies to plan capacity, procurement, distribution requirements, truck loading, allocation, and store-level replenishment. With Supply Planning, you can increase the agility of your supply chain and be more responsive to market conditions.

Supply Planning

Why Choose Our Supply Planning Software?

Generate Supply Plans that Meet a Full Range of Constraints

Automatically create plans based on configurable supply and safety stock policies. Respect a range of constraints at the planned order, line item , and item group levels.

Plan Future Supply Needs Using Rough-Cut Capacity Planning

Project long-term capacity requirements for strategic planning and sales and operations planning (S&OP) processes. Plan for future resource and labor needs.

Plan for Contract Manufacturing with Optimal Truck Loading

Optimally build full truck and container loads for delivery to multiple drop-off points. Take into account weight, cube, pallet, and case constraints to come up with an optimal loading plan.

Rebalance Inventory Before Increasing Production

Minimize inventory by balancing supplies across DCs before resorting to additional production. Increase warehouse operational efficiency by leveling capacity needs based on ordering and receiving calendars.

Determine safety stock more accurately
Exclude outlier demand data to calculate demand variance more accurately. Select the best approach for lead time variance computation and adjust safety stock based on seasonality.
Reduce Costs Through Optimal Batch Runs

Reduce labor costs, reduce changeover times, and increase asset utilization. Increase batch sizes by combining similar products in the same run.

Supply Planning - New Horizon

Advanced Features for Supply Planning

New Horizon

Create Profitable Supply Plans

Effective supply planning is critical to meeting service level targets while minimizing costs. New Horizon Supply Planning helps you identify opportunities for cost savings in procurement, manufacturing, inventory, and transportation. Benefits include:

Increase service levels and revenues while reducing inventories and carrying costs

Improve margins from forward buying and truck loading optimization

Improve planner productivity by automating the order planning and analysis process

Increase resilience and agility by creating a more responsive supply chain

“New Horizon allows us to leave no stone unturned when it comes to squeezing out costs across every aspect of our supply chain.”

VP Operations

Consumer Packaged Goods Manufacturer

Tired of Supply Chain Headaches? Stop Wasting Time and Money on Reactive Inventory Management.

New Horizon streamlines your operations, fulfills demand, and optimizes stock levels, giving you back control and peace of mind.